The Penguins trading for Bryan Allen? Sounds good to me

Our NHL Fake Trade Generator (found on the front page here) cranked out the following moments ago:

The raving bag lady outside the arena told me that Bryan Allen is going to the Pittsburgh Penguins (f4) 2/19/2012 19:11:25

Bryan Allen, Carolina Hurricanes

Photo via bridgetds on Flickr

Here’s another purely fictitious, random Fake Trade “rumor” which has the whiff of legitimacy around it. With defensemen like Nicklas Grossman, Hal Gill, and Pavel Kubina traded in recent days, the market for experienced blueline help is drying up quickly, and the Pens could use his help. This, from Mike Colligan at The Hockey Writers:

Pittsburgh does need to upgrade their defensive depth though.  The third pair of Matt Niskanen and Ben Lovejoy got exposed in their first-round playoff loss to Guy Boucher and the Tampa Bay Lightning last year.  Niskanen has bounced back to emerge as a potential #4 defenseman, but the Penguins still lack size and strength to clear the net in front of Marc-Andre Fleury.  Against the three likely opponents mentioned above, toughness on the back end will be even more important.

Physical play and defensive responsibility are exactly what Allen can bring to a team, and Carolina should be looking for any return on this soon-to-be free agent. Especially if they have good reason to believe Sidney Crosby will return for the playoff run, the Penguins would be wise to get a guy like Bryan Allen before they’re all gone.