Rick Nash to the L.A. Kings: A Lesson In Backing Up

Rick Nash is the biggest name on the NHL trade rumor circuit this season, as the Columbus Blue Jackets are basically open to just about anything to get the franchise turned around. Never mind the fact that they’d be better served making such a deal heading into the Entry Draft this summer, when more teams could get involved in the bidding, but regardless, he is certainly being discussed these days.

When it comes to flogging around the nonsense, though, nobody can compete with the grandmaster of spurious nonsensical trade rumors, Eklund of Hockeybuzz:

Of course, the pros have to get to work when something like that starts making the rounds, but it didn’t take long to douse that fire:

So what’s a guy like Eklund to do? Backtrack at warp speed, minimizing the authority with which he communicated earlier:

See, that’s the problem with the anonymous rumor-monger. When they think they have something nobody else does, they rush to get it out there in a definitive manner, so they can claim all the credit if it actually hits. If it doesn’t work out, however, they’re quick to wash their hands of any responsibility.

But it all comes back to this critical question –

If one of these “insiders” says a trade is about to happen (or “looks done” in this case), shouldn’t we expect that there’s more than a 1/30 chance of it actually taking place? If not, then what possible value do these guys provide? All it appears that Eklund did here was pass on second-hand (at best) information.

Here at NHLFakeTrades.com, however, we give you our 100% Unconditional Guarantee. The trade “rumors” you see touted on the front page are made of pure, 100% baloney, with a dash of common sense. I’d bet on that being more accurate than 1/30, though, when all is said and done.