Welcome to NHL Fake Trades

Have you heard the latest NHL trade rumors? These days, it seems like news comes fast & furious, at all hours of the day or night. But in order to meet hockey fans’ insatiable demand for trade news, a seedy underbelly has grown over the course of the last several years, with anonymous writers tossing “rumors” around without accountability or credibility. At best, it represents entertainment value for fans musing about various trade possibilities, but there’s a downside, too – often the legitimate hockey media gets sent on wild goose chases, trying to run down whether rumors which spread are real stories to be investigated.

Now, you can get your NHL trade rumor fix whenever you like, with a clear understanding that they’re completely made-up – by checking here to consult the 2012 NHL Fake Trade Generator. It’s built off something I’ve done in previous seasons, and thanks to inspiration from Eric Duhatschek’s February 17 column in the Globe & Mail, I decided to go ahead and set up a standalone site for hockey fans everywhere to get a dose of trade “news” on demand:

Somebody was missing a sure money-making opportunity by failing to register the domain name NHLFaketrades.com. There is so much interest in what happens at the trade deadline – and so much wild speculation about who may or may not change teams – someone may as well create a forum so people who dream up stuff can post it somewhere.

So here we go – check back here for the latest & greatest in fictitious trade talk. Not just that which is spit out by the Fake Trade Generator, but I’ll share some of the more ridiculous rumors spread by some of the anonymous rumor-mongers out there on Twitter!