NHL Fake Trade Generator Updated for 2013 NHL Trade Deadline!

Will Jarome Iginla leave Calgary for a run at the 2013 Stanley Cup? Which cup contender might nab Mike Ribeiro to bolster their goal-scoring chances during the playoffs? Skip the anonymous hockey rumor experts, and simply consult the NHL Fake Trade Generator here at NHLFakeTrades.com.

So here’s the exercise, in a nutshell – there are a zillion anonymous rumor-mongers out there who pass along garbage to hockey fans who are eager to find out what’s going to happen to their favorite team. As a counter to that, I came up with a pretty simple set of rules to generate a bunch of theoretical trade scenarios. If you look at each one as a separate “rumor”, it turns out that these scenarios were about twice as accurate as hockey’s most infamous rumor-peddler, Eklund, racked up during the 2009 NHL Trade Deadline season.

While I’ve created my NHL Fake Trade Generator for several seasons now, it was Eric Duhatschek of the Globe & Mail who inspired me to set up a side website to host the generator and highlight the scenarios which it projects. So flip by to check out the Fake Trade of the moment, which changes occasionally on the front page of this site.

And if you’ve got a Fake NHL Trade of your own to propose, either tweet it using the hashtag #NHLFakeTrade or drop it in the comments of our Share your NHL Fake Trade page!