Curtis Sanford to the Flyers Phixes Philly’s Phlaw

The goaltending story in Philadelphia has been one sad tale of woe after another for a generation, and despite signing Ilya Bryzgalov to an absurd contract last summer, the Flyers still have a mess in their crease which shows no signs of clearing up.

Curtis Sanford, Columbus Blue JacketsSo when the automated NHL Fake Trade Generator spit this one out a few moments ago, it caught my attention:

Don Cherry’s tailor whispered in my ear that Curtis Sanford will be traded to the Philadelphia Flyers (f2) 2/20/2012 10:49:34

Hey, Philadelphia rode journeyman goaltender Michael Leighton all the way to the Stanley Cup Final in 2010 – so maybe a patchwork solution might work this time, as well? Sanford and his .915 save percentage have been one of the few bright spots in Columbus this season, and unless they plan on locking him up with a contract extension, the Blue Jackets would be wise to “sell high” on him while there’s still time, and a potentially desperate trade partner looking for help.

What do you think? Might he provide the Flyers with a better option in goal, or should they ride the horses they already have?