Could Brad Boyes get a fresh start with the Washington Capitals?

Our automated Fake Trade generator produced an interesting scenario this morning, one that matches a center who has fallen on hard times with a team that could use some help down the middle. Is Brad Boyes an option to help the moribund Washington Capitals?

My great-aunt’s parrot said that Brad Boyes will head to the Washington Capitals (f3) 2/22/2012 9:38:09

Brad Boyes, Buffalo Sabres

Photo via bridgetds on Flickr

Brad Boyes was considered one of the real up-and-coming offensive players in the NHL a couple years ago in St. Louis, with consecutive seasons with 43 and 33 goals scored. This season with the Buffalo Sabres, however, things have dried up. Thus far, Boyes has 3 goals and 10 assists through 47 games, and with Buffalo sinking out of sight in the Eastern Conference, they need to cash in whatever assets they can and look forward to the future. As an upcoming unrestricted free agent, Boyes likely wouldn’t be in their plans, anyway.

Enter the Washington Capitals, then, who have endured a disappointingly inconsistent season, due in part to the long-term absence of center Nicklas Backstrom due to a concussion. With his timetable for a return so uncertain, the Caps would be wise to make an addition up front, but not one with long-term commitments, or would come at too high a cost.

Rolling the dice on a former big-time scorer who might benefit from a fresh start could do the trick – but in order to do so, Washington would need to clear out some salary cap room. According to CapGeek, they’re right up against it, and couldn’t take on Boyes’ $4 million cap hit without shedding salary somewhere else.

What do you think? If the Caps couldn’t use Boyes, is there another team out there that might take a chance on him?