Ales Hemsky to the Detroit Red Wings? Why not?

Ales Hemsky is joining the Detroit Red Wings (f5) 2/18/2012 15:47:10

Occasionally I want to take note of Fake Trades which our automated generator kicks out, because they come with so much common sense attached to them that they’re worth considering. Take for example, the one cited above.

Ales Hemsky, Edmonton Oilers

Photo via Dan4th on Flickr

Ales Hemsky appears to be on his way out in Edmonton, playing out the string on his current contract, while the Oilers look forward to transitioning more offensive responsibility to the likes of Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, and perhaps another high 1st-round draft pick from the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

The Detroit Red Wings, meanwhile, make a perfect match for Hemsky’s high-skill style of play. They could drop him into their lineup easily and put him in a position to contribute. Detroit has plenty of cap space available to accommodate Hemsky’s $4.1 million hit, and could use the next few months as an audition to decide whether or not he might fit in well with their team next season, too.

In short? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this Fake Trade became very, very real. What do you think?

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